Twin Flames
twin flames
When a soul is created it is actually made up of 2 types of energy. For simplicity, it is both male and female energy. These energies are separated at this time to go through their own individual experiences incarnating to earth.
Twin flames differ from soul mates because a twin flame is truly your other half! A soul mate is more like a spiritual best friend... Someone who has always been with you in your incarnations as either a family member, friend, lover or even an enemy or rival.
Unfortunately, having a true twin flame relationship is very rare. Some people go through many lifetimes before finding their twin flame. But once your twin flame is found, the relationship will be extraordinary!
The whole point of life is to work on your soul. You come to earth to learn and experience. Your twin flame has a major role in this because of the ascension process. When you ascend, you truly are reunited with your other half. The male and female energy become one again. Of course, this happens on a much higher conscious level than where most are at while having an earthly incarnation.
Once you have found your twin flame, the two of you will begin releasing any karma accumulated from any past incarnations. This is done automatically and can make the relationship very difficult if you do not understand and/or know that you are in a twin flame relationship. You may start to lash out or have random emotions about your partner because of this release. Just realize that you feel this way because your soul is bringing forth these old emotions in order for you to acknowledge and release them so that you can truly join with your other half!
If you would like to know if your current relationship is with your twin flame please let us know!
~ AJ & Phari