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Twin Flames

To understand what Twin Flames truly are, we have to understand what our soul truly is. A soul is essentially a consciousness without a physical form. There are multiple parts to our consciousness, one of which is where twin flames and soul mates are even created.


There are 15+ consciousness levels. The 14th is known as Christ Consciousness and the 15th+ is referring to any level above the 14th which are simply extensions of Christ Consciousness . To understand how Twin Flames and Soul mates are formed, we must talk more about 2 of these consciousness levels in particular.


The 7th level is called the Oversoul. There are 2 Oversouls (1 "male" & 1 "female"). These are referred to as the "soul groups". You are either in the "male" soul group or "female" soul group. The Oversouls manifest 16 “soul families” (8 “male” & 8 “female” per soul group). These are called Monads and are the 6th level of consciousness.


The original 16 monads (soul families) start to manifest more monads (soul families). Each time they do this, the newly formed monad is always created in halves. In other words, the original 16 create a group of 8 monads (4 “male” and 4 “female”, then a group of 4 monads (2 “male” and 2 “female”), then a group of 2 monads (1 “male” and 1 “female”). All in all there are 30 total soul families created (16+8+4+2) per soul group (oversoul) which means that there are 60 total soul families when factoring in both soul groups.


The last 2 monads (soul families) created is where one would need to be in order to have a Twin Flame. Placement within the other monads (soul families) would be considered Soul Mates. This basically means that not everyone has a Twin Flame as you must hail from the correct monad to be considered one. All Twin Flames are a type of Soul Mate but not all Soul Mates are Twin Flames.


The 5th level of consciousness is ones Higher Self, the 4th is ones sub-consciousness and the 3rd is ones ego (personal consciousness). The monad can manifest an unlimited amount of higher selves at their discretion and it is the higher self that manifests both the sub-consciousness and the ego. This basically means that it is more than possible to have more than one Soul Mate or Twin Flame, however, since everything is created in symmetry, there is one particular soul that is your direct pairing. This and the fact that having multiple Twin Flames incarnated at the same time is pretty rare are why most people believe that they can only have 1 Twin Flame.


For example, if a person is under the last monad created under the “male” soul group, and their partner is under the last monad under the (opposite) “female” soul group, they would be considered DIRECT TWIN FLAMES. If they both were in the correct monad but under the same soul group, they would be considered INDIRECT TWIN FLAMES. If their partner was under a completely different soul family (monad) than the last 2 regardless of which soul group they are under, they would be considered INDIRECT SOULMATES. Despite that person may be in the “Twin Flame position”, their partner would not be considered their Twin Flame.


These same scenarios apply to Soul Mates as well. If a person is not in the last 2 monads, they would not have a Twin Flame but can either have a DIRECT SOUL MATE or INDIRECT SOUL MATE depending on which soul group they are in.


One is not “better” than the other. The difference between the two is literally where one is placed within the soul group. It is as simple as that. However, Twin Flames do have an important role in the ascension process for the entire soul group.


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